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  • 11719992_10152973777377513_1434261160_nSarah Sahagun

    "Training with Jay has been one of the smartest decisions I've ever made. I've been overweight all of my life. After finding myself morbidly obese at the age of 33, I never thought losing a significant amount of weight was possible without some kind of weight loss drug or surgery. After training with Jay and getting MAJOR results with nothing more than diet and good ol' exercise, I am healthier, stronger and feel all around better than I have in the last 10+ years. Jay is dedicated to his clients and helping each of us meet our individual fitness goals no matter what they may be (weight loss, muscle gain, rehab etc.). Whatever your fitness needs are Jay Horn will change your life. You WILL NOT be disappointed. What's a better investment in life than investing in your health? Thank you so much Jay, for always pushing me to do my best, never giving up on me and always believing in me and my ability to be successful in my weight loss journey."

  • RobertRobert Saar

    "When Jay Horn and I first met, I soon recognized that we shared a common energy about fitness, a true unorthodox passion for physical fitness. Jay is very much attuned with listening and learning from others, while at the same time teaching what he has found. I firmly believe all great educators are great learners who can read between the lines. This is something Jay has which few others in our field possess, and can go a long way in becoming a true pioneer in the field. Jay Horn is a true pioneer in the application of exercise. I have gained volumes of priceless correlations about the application of exercise since conversing with Jay. When you can bounce your ideas off someone with similar but different thought patterns, excellence can emerge. That's what I envisioned when Jay first told me about this fitness book he was writing; something that really spells out we have been conversing about."

  • IsabelIsabel De Sagebin Malherbe

    "I trained with Jay back in 2009 when I wanted drastic results. He was to-the-point, professional, and instructed like a military general! Was I afraid to disappoint him? YES, and that pushed me harder to meet my goals. Great experience. Great results"

  • 11751085_10152973773402513_2007963743_nAlejandro Tejas

    "I met Jay a couple of months ago and I started to train with him right away. I have to say is the first trainer that I have work with that have made me understand the use for a simple word: "Apply". He guides me to understand our mind controls our body and he cares when it comes to the process of "how to apply the knowledge in my daily routines". Jay goes right to the point and when he needs to correct or command an exercise. I'm very happy and glad to have him as my personal trainer. My results are incredible!"

  • MichaelMichael Petrella

    "Jay has proven time and time again that he is a knowledgeable and passionate trainer. His before and after pictures of his clients are outstanding. I would highly recommend him to anyone in the Vegas area and especially to those looking to compete in bodybuilding/physique competitions"

  • PascalPascal Jake Fleury

    "Let me tell you, Jay is a one of a kind trainer. He knows his stuff. His skill and knowledge regarding training and nutrition deserves a full five stars in my book. He is a very down to earth kinda a guy and won't waste your time with nonsense talk. He will be right to the point with information that you can apply. He will guide you and get you in the shape you want. If you want results, Jay will be the one who gets you there. He is worth every penny. I like to say that the proof is in the pudding. Jay has proved over and over with many successful stories that his way was the right way"

  • KeemaKeema Lenderman

    "Jay is definitely a tough trainer. Excuses and laziness are not acceptable, nor should they be. If you genuinely want to change your body and your life, Jay is the guy to do it. If you are a man or woman considering getting into competitions, he's the guy! I've been training with Jay only since April, and I'm proud to say I became PRO-QUALIFIED as a Masters Bikini competitor not even 24 hours ago! Want to make changes? Call Jay and get started! Want to make excuses? Have fun with being stagnant and not improving."

  • BJBJ Wright

    "In 2009 Jay helped me get started on a weight loss journey that ended with me having lost 100 pounds. Jay always listens to my needs and is able to adapt workouts and meal plans to meet my needs. Unfortunately he relocated to Las Vegas or he'd still be physically training me today. The next best thing to having him here to train me is the advice he has been able to give through text and email."

  • KendraKendra Miller

    "I've had the opportunity to train with Jay a couple years back when I first peaked desire to make a change for myself and lift vs the standard tv film in my living room. Coming in without gym experience and being out of state I hired Jay for online training. He sent me my diet and workouts weekly plus communicated with me constantly as to my understanding, my goals and my progress. I then set a goal for a show and began to watch myself transform with my hard work and dedication. Not to mention the strength and bond from Jays other clients as they are a huge support. My life took a turn and my dream was put on hold. Just recently we touched base as I'm back in Vegas and decided with 100% effort I could get on stage and finally have my chance. Once something is so important to you, you find the time in your busy schedule and give it your all with hopes it will payback. First you must believe in yourself, second your trainer as their confidence in themselves as well as you is highly important. We trained 4-5 days a week and pushed hard. Id lie if I said I didn't end up on the floor questioning my ability to keep going. That is the power you find in yourself and conquering it is victorious. I got on stage, what an accomplishment. I was proud, happy with myself and confident. We had prepared myself for this day and I had the support of my trainer and friends who all believed in me. I believed in myself, that’s highly important. I did really well, I placed. I have a gold medal in hand and with that came a huge smile. Do you want change? Do you have what it takes? Can you handle someone pushing you pass your limits? Thank you Jay!"

  • JenJennifer Knight

    "Jay has completely changed my life and body for the better! He is very knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate about what he does and it shows. If you are serious about setting fitness goals and obtaining them, he is the trainer for you. He has surpassed my expectations! Thanks Jay!"

Jay Horn

Professional Fitness Trainer

Jay Horn’s approach to exercise completely defies what is mainstream and popular, making it truly unique. His background comes from an exercise philosophy … Read More


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